Scalp Artist International: New Locations Arriving In London, Peru, Montreal and Mexico

Coming Soon: 4 New Locations


London, UK

Peru, South America


Montreal, Canada


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Scalp Artist International’s Showcase At LV Barber Show In Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Scalp Artist International is everywhere and everywhere- the clue is in the name.

This weekend, Scalp Artist International set up a booth at the LV Barber Expo in Las Vegas to showcase the Artistic expertise in all areas of the business.

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Scalp Micropigmentation Industry Veteran’s Eddie Lopez, Debi Royal Arches Ann, Jeff Picasso were joined by Master barber Jeff Cruz and Expert Tattoo Artist Tattoo Torres (Both also master SMP Artists) for an amazing event showcasing the future of SMP.

Showcasing the Picasso PenDermaGear’s Hemp Based Products,ProTouch Needles

-All items included with Scalp Artist Internationals SMP Training Kit that can be delivered to your door via our online store –




Scalp Artist’s Newest Addition To The Webstore: A Home Training Kit

Scalp Artist International is now offering a new item in the store inventory:  A home training kit to prepare you for your Scalp Micropigmentation journey before you even start it.

The kit is in box form and is sent directly to your doorstep. It contains all the important things you need to get started with:

Training Needles

Picasso Pen™ Procedure Device

Training Equipment (Liquid Bottles, Safety Gear etc.)

USB Stick with digital training files

Scalp Artist Stickers & Decals

108 Page Training Guide (CPD Certified)

Mankin Head Or Training Skin

DermaGear Hemp-Infused Pigment


(Some of the contents of the kit)









Scalp Artist International Booth Appearing At LV Barber Expo

Next month Scalp Artist International will be appearing at the las Vegas Barber Expo!

Get the chance to check out Scalp Micropigmentation as a whole with hands on equipment, information about our CPD Training program and much more.

Check out the LV Barber Expo website here:




Ready To Get CPD Trained In Scalp Micropigmentation By The Best? Look No Further

Scalp Artist International has 8 more training events this summer with more on the way. Take a look a whats coming up in the next few months in the US and the UK.

Up Next


North America:


DENVER, CO – Denver Barber Show. July 14th and 15th.

PUERTO RICO,  Guest Appearance – Puerto Rico with Manuale Gut-mann. July 19th – 23rd

WICHITA, KS – One on one training with Ammy Sant from Peru, South America Wichita, KS. July 24th – 25th.

LAS VEGAS, NV – LV Barber Expo. September 30th

CHICAGO – CPD Training – TBA


United Kingdom:


MANCHESTER, ENGLAND  – August  CPD Training with Jeff Picasso August 15th -18th

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – CPD Training – August 6th -10th






Scalp Artist International In Collaboration With Project Semi Colon ; Spreading Awareness Through Ink

Scalp Artist International has teamed up with Project Semi Colon to spread awareness around suicide and the stigma that we face around it every day.

Read The Full Story On Their Website Here:


In collaboration with Project Semi Colon, Scalp Artist International will be giving free Semi Colon Tattoos at select booths and shows.


Check out our events, shows and training on this page here:



Scalp Artist International Now Covering 8 Locations Worldwide

Scalp Artist International is now covering 8 locations worldwide and constantly growing. Its now easier than ever before to receive Scalp Micropigmentation from artists you trust and know about.

Scalp Micropigmentation In Atlanta, GA

Saechelle Bisson began her career in the medical industry in 2005, after receiving her BA in Business/PR and Marketing. Her initial years permitted her to work directly with patients, surgery centers, and specialty physicians. These endeavors led Saechelle into consultative sales positions, representing many of the top Dermatopathologists in the United States. The scope of her work included medical and cosmetic education as a resource to physicians, skin care professionals and residents at Emory and MCG.


Scalp Micropigmentation In Dallas, TX

Koby Morrow is a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in Rockwall, Tx. He is a Native Texan that has tattooed in the area for 8 years.

Koby has an impressive portfolio and has completed over 500 procedures. He started his career with Body Art and later transitioned into Permanent Cosmetics and Scalp Micro-Pigmentation.

Koby is a very dedicated Artist that enjoys using his craft to help others and potentially change lives. Koby has carved an impressive name for himself as an Artist / Educator, and now as one of Scalp Artist International’s up and coming new Artist.


Scalp Micropigmentation In Denver, CO

Eddie Lopez headed one of the world’s busiest and most successful scalp micropigmentation clinics. His attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence enabled Eddie to dominate the market in Denver, and at the helm of Scalp Artist International, is set to become an industry leader on a global stage.

Great scalp micropigmentation technicians require more than just a strong artistic flair and a steady hand. The true professional offers a depth and breadth of experience that enables them to handle any skin type, any scar tissue and any repair task.

Only through hard-won time on the job can this level of understanding and competence be achieved, and it is exactly this caliber of expertise you can expect when you visit Eddie Lopez at his office in Cherry Creek, Denver.


Scalp Micropigmentation In Kent, UK

After having the treatment myself in 2015 by a clinic on Harley Street in London, I wanted to make a difference to people who do not necessarily want to travel to big cities, but who still demand and deserve a professional service. I became fascinated with the possibilities surrounding this innovative and relatively unknown procedure for male pattern baldness. I was blown away with how good it looked.

I suffered with genetic hair loss since my early 20’s. I grew my hair long to hide my bald crown and thinning hair. My friends always noticed and smartly reminded me that I was going bald, giving me a series of nicknames.

In 2016 I contacted Damien of Scalp Guru who helped me start my new career in scalp micropigmentation. He recommended that I invest in the best training I could find, and suggested I contact two of the world’s leading SMP master technicians, Paul Clark and Simon Lane. They have an unrivalled reputation for delivering the most outstanding results attainable, anywhere in the world.

-Andy Webb

Scalp Micropigmentation In Seattle, WA

As the Northwest’s premier permanent cosmetic specialist with clients across North America, Pam Neighbors has over 27 years of experience in artistic tattooing, permanent make-up, camouflage tattooing, skin needling, scar relaxation; and now is offering a fully accredited scalp micro-pigmentation procedure.

Pam works closely with some of Seattle’s top cosmetic surgeons performing post reconstructive tattoo procedures in her state-of-the art salon. In addition, hair loss professionals refer their clients to her for alopecia procedures. Her commitment to providing breakthrough techniques in her field has allowed her to become one of few providers offering the modern solution to hair loss known as scalp micro pigmentation.


Scalp Micropigmentation In Toronto, ON

Our Toronto scalp micropigmentation center is actually located in Hamilton, about 65km south of the city of Toronto. Easily accessible by road or train, our Toronto location is possibly the busiest and most successful scalp micropigmentation clinic in Canada.

Lead Technician Renata Pruszewski is widely regarded as one of the world’s very finest scalp practitioners. Admired by clients and peers alike, many of Renata’s procedures have been used in benchmarking exercises to demonstrate how scalp micropigmentation can and should be performed. Known for her incredibly natural hairlines and impeccable attention to detail, Renata’s clients can rest assured that their requirements will be fully and perfectly catered for.

Renata was educated as a Dental Technician, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist and is a Registered Restorative Dental Hygienist. For over 20 years, Renata worked in the dental field. In 2010, she studied further and received her certification as a Micropigmentation Technician. That same year she started her personalized studio as a Permanent Makeup Artist.


Scalp Micropigmentation In Wichita, KS

Being licensed in the state of Colorado and Kansas, Shane has thorough knowledge of health and safety guidelines associated with scalp micropigmentation. Shane has been trained by some of the most well-known and respected scalp micropigmentation artists in the world.

Located in the heart of the USA, the Scalp Artist Kansas office resides in Wichita, KS. Our newly remodeled office offers a clean, sterile, and relaxing atmosphere with couches and flat screen tv’s. Our location also provides private parking and free wi-fi. We are conveniently located within a few hours of Topeka, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Omaha.

Scalp Micropigmentation In Chicago, IL

Jeff has had an extensive career in hair and beauty. He has opened a chain of barber shops in Chicago, has won the Beacon Award from Aveda, and in 2013, he took it to the next level and became an Scalp MicroPigmentation Artist.  After performing this procedure hundreds of times on clients throughout the United States and attaining the level of Master Technician, Jeff began training aspiring SMP artists to give the same quality of style and technique to their own clientele.  Jeff has a unique perspective in that not only is he an artist, trainer and master technician, but he is also a recipient of hair follicle replication treatment.


Check out the Scalp Artist website for info here